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Prime Day Sale Sale up to 50% Off
Prime Day Sale Sale up to 50% Off


Located in Los Angeles, Lokatse enhances home enjoyment with modern & stylish indoor & outdoor / patio furniture. Combining Lokatse's own supply management software with it's rigorous quality control policy of checking all shipments before leaving the warehouse, Lokatse has built a reputation of providing premium furniture with an authentic customer satisfaction record which we believe is unparalleled in the industry.

Founded in 2015, Lokatse Home (Health Season Inc) has ample experience with what customer wants. Whether it be for a family gathering or just a nice sun bath in your back yard, there will always be something for you from Lokatse Home.

From high quality resin wicker that requires effortless cleaning to eco-friendly olefin fabric, we only use the finest materials for our designs. We analyze the market every year and we understand that families require elegant designs with unmatched comfort, quality and style which to enhance the home experience.

The key to our secret sauce is our proprietary ISCMS (Intelligent Supply Chain Management System). The system is the backbone to providing affordable prices. The system manages in real-time all products at the manufacturing facility, on the water to our Los Angeles warehouse and directly to you, greatly reducing distribution cost. We ensure all packages / products are in their best condition by checking every package before shipment.